Programs designed to meet the special needs of the injured

Being involved in a serious accident can turn life upside down. Unfortunately, all-cash settlements can sometimes lead to continued challenges in the future, when the cash runs out. With a structured settlement that stretches payouts safely over time, these worries can be avoided. At Assura Trust, we offer programs and services that give settlement parties the means to build more satisfying and secure long-term resolutions.

Growth Structured Settlement

After years of planning and careful research, Assura Trust offers this unique settlement product built to give both growth and security. The Growth Structured Settlement (GSS) is a fully non-taxable, growth-oriented, structured settlement powered by The Vanguard Group. It offers a broadly diversified, long-term growth portfolio incurring no tax on dividends, capital gains, or distributions to qualified claimants.

Along with an opportunity to grow funds, the GSS contains features that make it more secure and suitable for settlement beneficiaries. When used in combination with one of our Settlement Trusts, clients get the best of both worlds: the security and protection of a trust, and the potential for growth of their funds over the long term within a tax-free, structured settlement.

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Investment Management Account

Assura Trust specializes in working with parties to legal settlements and related financial matters in establishing accounts that are invested to generate growth and income. Account owners receive professional investment management and safekeeping of their assets along with accounting and tax information.

Assura Trust’s professional team utilizes investment strategies from leading investment companies. Customized multi-fund allocations are developed by our experienced portfolio managers with the investment goals of the account owner in mind. IMAs can generate ongoing payments to address financial needs of the account owner.

Our clients often receive funds from litigation settlements, life insurance policies or other situations that call for professional asset management.

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Settlement Management Trust

Whenever people receive large sums of money, as they do from legal settlements, pressures can develop to spend that money too quickly, on things and people beyond its intended purpose. Injured people tend to face more serious challenges on this, making prudent money management an even higher priority. Any mishandling of funds in the early years can spell disaster later on, because the injuries persist after the money is depleted.

Although the significant dollar sums involved in many settlements may feel like a great deal of wealth, the future needs for the injured (and their families) are so serious and costly that professional help is always advised. Trusts such as our Settlement Management Trust are proven legal arrangements which place a part of the settlement safely within the care of a designated protector whose job is to conserve the funds for the beneficiary only. Using a trust as a component in a settlement ensures that the beneficiary has money for his/her needs well into the future, as deemed essential during the resolution.

At Assura Trust we bring not only financial expertise to the situation, but also familiarity with a wide range of specialized services that deliver the kind of help money alone cannot provide.

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