Settlements that help injured people live more secure lives

A focus on enhancing and protecting settlement funds

Assura Trust is a different kind of trust organization, exclusively serving the needs of injured people and their families. We can't undo their injuries or bring back lost years, but we can help them exit the stressful world of litigation and move forward with financial security and support.

We are settlement experts. That's our sole focus. More personalized than some large institution; more expertise than some bank down the block.

We work with professional settlement consultants to build comprehensive settlement solutions utilizing a blend of specialized financial tools. These tools help create specific settlement outcomes by delivering more options to injured people and their families.

Our commitment

We are intimately familiar with the challenges faced by injured people and their families, and we approach each settlement situation with knowledge, compassion and integrity.

Assura Trust’s expertise, delivered in a plan designed by our professional settlement consultants, can help facilitate the resolution of claims and help injured people live more secure lives for the long term.

More comprehensive, more effective

All-cash settlements are often depleted too soon. Many claimants come to regret not exploring more options, some of which are exclusively available to them due to the nature of their injury. These options protect and enhance settlement funds to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Through this specific focus and professionalism at Assura Trust, we are able to create financial certainty for injured people and their families. Our settlement tools, in conjunction with financial solutions provided by other companies, can protect settlement assets while satisfying a full range of current needs and long-term needs:

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Provides funds for immediate needs like legal fees, liens and other expenses.
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Settlement Annuity

Provides guaranteed tax-free income for as long as a lifetime.


Provides professional management of funds that remain accessible for unknown future needs.

*Provided exclusively by Assura Trust

Financial tools designed to meet immediate as well as long-term needs

A Uniquely Qualified Team of Trust & Settlement Professionals

At Assura Trust, we deliberately recruit professionals from the highest ranks of the trust and settlement planning professions. Our team is intimately familiar with both the technical and practical aspects of transitioning into a new life. We offer custom-tailored recommendations delivered with the compassion and dignity our special clients deserve.

Meet our Team

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Dennis Drexler


Jan Smith


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